Organizational Structure

Libraries Directorate organized at the university level. Since 2006 is structurally shoots management held by a Director under the direct coordination of the Vice Chancellor I. Director is assisted by two Chief of the Division, the Chief of the Division of Information Technology & Maintenance, which assisted the Head of Technical Services, and Chief of the Division of Procurement & Services assisted by two Chief of Affairs, the Head of Administration and Head of Circulation Services.
Starting in March 2012 after the integration of the school library along with human resources to the Directorate of Libraries, the Library Director Organizational Structure adapted to the conditions of existing human resources consist of five (5) Divisions: Division of Procurement, General Administration & Finance, Technical Services Division, Division User services, Division of information Technology & Networking, Home Appliances & Supplies Division, with two (2) existing Affairs, namely Public Administration & Financial Affairs, Affairs Circulation services.
Directorate of Library UII in its history has undergone several leadership changes as carrier Rector mandate, as in the following exposure:

  1.      Year 1950 – 1975 are still under the coordination of the university secretariat
  2.      Year 1976 – 1978 Drs. Tatang M. Amirin
  3.      Year 1979 – 1987 Drs. H. Marzuki, MM
  4.      Year 1987 – 1989 Drs. Usman Thoyib, MM
  5.      Year 1989 – 1991 experienced leadership vacuum, which run errands R. Suharto
  6.      Year 1991 – 1994 Djohari Santosa, SH., SU
  7.      Year 1994 – 2003 Ir. H.M. Sigit DS., MS
  8.      Year 2004 – 2006 Dra. Murianti, MLS
  9.      Year 2006 – 2010 Dr. Drs. H. Muhammad Idrus, S.Psi., M.Pd
  10.      Year 2010 – now Dr. Ir. Farham HM. Saleh, MSIE
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