Brief History

Founded in 1950 with the name of the Central Library with a collection UII ± 3,000 copies, located in Syuhada Mosque Kotabaru. Not long after moving to the Civic Tower in Sagan, and in 1966 moved to the campus of the Islamic University of Indonesia Jl. Cik Di Tiro 1 Yogyakarta. In 1982, with the completion of the construction of the campus Jl. Cik Di Tiro 1 second stage, the Central Library occupies a space of 200 m² with a HR of 14 people.

University has several campuses spread out in several locations used for lecturing the campus Jl. Student Park (Faculty of Legal and Technical Textiles), Campus Jl. New Demangan (Faculty of Civil Engineering), Campus in Jln. Lawu Kotabaru (Faculty of Economics) and Sorowajan West Campus (Faculty of Islamic Religion), Due to various constraints, mainly transport then standing library in each Faculty.

In 1999 the library moved to the Integrated Campus Center Jl. Kaliurang Km 14.4 ± occupy space with an area of ​​1300 m². In 2001 the area of ​​the room increased to 2227 m². In 2006 the Central Library was renamed the Directorate of Libraries.

In 2009, the Foundation Board of Waqf Islamic University of Indonesia build a library building designed modern concept, both in terms of physical facilities and services. But only begun to build a foundation for building foundations candidate, suddenly discovered the Stone website is apparently an old building with a Ganesha temple is believed to be a symbol of the god Science. This is a very timely coincidence with the designation prospective buildings to be built the Central Library Building as Learning and Teaching Science. Once excavated temple building continued until the development is completed.

In mid-2011 the Directorate of Libraries began to move to the new building along with 5 (five) libraries are located in the Faculty of Integrated Campus, namely: the library of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning, Faculty of Industrial Technology library, the library of the Faculty of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Science Library, and the library of the Faculty of Psychology & Social Sciences Cultural be integrated into one of the new library building. On October 17, 2011 Library Building was inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Dr. Djero Watjik accompanied by Dr. Mom. Vanessa Hudgens, daughter of Bung Hatta (late) founder leader UII and Proclaimers RI, by the name of Mohammad Hatta Building, Library and Museum (Directorate of Libraries).

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