Plan Library

Floor 2, Office and Courtroom:

South Wing;
1. Courtroom III
2. Audiovisual Space
3. Courtroom I

North Wing;
1. Courtroom II
2. Space Director
3. Lab. English
4. Office Space Administration
5. Space Procurement Division Head, General Administration and Finance
6. Space Division Head of Household and Supplies

Floor 1, Room General Collection and Reference
South Wing: DDC No.: 000-319
Collection: Research Methodology; Social Statistics; Science Library; Journalism; Sciences Philosophy Computer Sciences; General Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Personality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Communication Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Applied Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology social logic; Ethics; Religion; Sociology; Communication Studies, and Anthropology.

North wing: DDC No.: 000-900
Reference Collection; Collection Reserves; journals, and Final Faculty.

Upper Ground Floor (UG), Room General Collection
South Wing: Number DDC: 320 – 618.89
Collections of Political Science; Pancasila; Economics; Legal Sciences; Administration; Criminology; Science Education; Educational Psychology, Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology; Marketing Science; Trade and Transportation; Theory Radio Broadcasting, Television, Films; Language ; Pure Sciences (MIPA), Probability and Applied Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry, Geology; Biological Sciences; Medical Sciences and Medical Sciences.

North wing: DDC No.: 619-900
Collection Eksperinmental Medicine; Science and Engineering; Applied Physics; Civil Engineering; Engineering Structures; Construction; Engineering Roads and Highways KA; Engineering hydraulically; Engineering Health (Sanitation); Airports; Agriculture; Mechanical Engineering; Electronics Engineering; Management; Accounting; Advertising and Public Relations; Chemical Technology; Textiles; Arts, Entertainment, Sports; Psychology Sports; Architecture; Environmental Engineering; Literature; Geography and History.

Lower Ground Floor (LG)
Post guard Entrance North and South, Presence Platform Pemustaka and Inspection Bags.

LG South Wing;
E – library
Place of service:
1. Access e-journal
2. Soft copy of Final Access
3. Access Journals ProQuest,
4. Access accompanying CD Books
5. Access e-books
6. Internet Access
7. E-TA

LG North Wing; Islamic Library
Place of service:
1. Collections grant from Saudi Arabia
2. Islamic Library Collections Grant
3. Collection Final FPSB
4. Newspaper
5. Non-Reader

Basement Floor,
1. Entrance Museum and Temple
2. Is Space Museum
3. Space Museum
4. Space Is the Temple
5. Temple
6. Office space and Technical Services:
7. Space Canteen
8. Space Technical Services
9. Space Digitization
10. Space Division Head of Technical Services
11. Space Head of Information Technology and Network
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