Ever since founded in 1945, Universitas Islam Indonesia was developing rapidly. In 1975, Textile Technology Department was initiated. It was one of the Departments in Engineering Faculty Universitas Islam Indonesia. In 1977, Textile Technology Department was expanded to be a Faculty of Textile Technology that run two departments which were Textile Engineering and Textile chemical.

In 1982, Faculty of Industrial Technology was established, that made Universitas Islam Indonesia run three Faculties with Engineering background, which were: Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Textile Technology and Faculty of Industrial Technology. In 1985, under the government’s policy, it was ruled that a university only allowed for having one Faculty of Engineering. It caused the integration of all engineering background faculties in UII under Faculty of Engineering based on Decree letter of Mendikbud RI No. 0174/O/1983 jo No. 0336/O/1984 with two departments, which were: Civil Engineering Department and Industrial Engineering and Management Department that had two study programs, which were Industrial Engineering and Textile Technology.

In 1990, Textile Technology program study was granted the acknowledged status by government under decree letter of Mendikbud RI No. 0397/O/1990. While, In 1993, Industrial Engineering study program earned equated status under the decree letter of Mendikbud RI No. 0508/O/1993 dated August 16, 1993. Based on decree letter of Mendikbud RI No. 25/Dikti/Kep/1993 dated May 10, 1993, Faculty of Engineering was divided based on its knowledge background: Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning and Faculty of Industrial Technology, whereas Faculty of Industrial Technology was consist of two departments, Industrial Engineering and Management Department and Textile Technology Department.

In Academic year 1994/1995, Informatics Department was opened, with a status of registered based on decree letter of Dirjen Dikti Depdikbud RI No. 04/Dikti/Kep/1995 dated January 17, 1995. Eventually, textile technology earned its equated status by changing the name to Chemical Engineering Department with two program study concentrations: Chemical Engineering and Textile Technology under decree letter of Mendikbud RI No. 433/Dikti/Kep/1995 dated October 11, 1995. Since then, Chemical Engineering Department offers two concentrations, which are: Chemical Technology and Textile Technology.Electrical Engineering was founded in academic year 1997/1998 with Electrical Engineering Program Study, focused in Electronics engineering under registered status, based on decree letter of Dirjen Dikti Depdikbud No. 215/Dikti/1997 dated July 24, 1997.

Mechanical Engineering Department was established in 1999 to complete the existence of other department in Faculty of Industrial Technology, it specialized in manufacturing. In 2007, Post-Graduates program also initiated, by establishing Industrial Engineering Magister program that have offered two concentrations: Industrial Management and Industrial Engineering. The first official lecture was conducted in January 13, 2007. Since then, in the academic year of 2009/2010, Faculty of Industrial Technology, Universitas Islam Indonesia also offers Magister Program of Informatics with two concentrations: Medical Informatics and Enterprises Information System that rules under Faculty’s Post-Graduate Program.

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