Facilities and Infrastructure:
· The reading room that blends with the collection chamber, thus simplifying pemustaka in finding the collection as a source of information and use it directly.
· Photo Copy Services service
· Courtroom
· Conference Room / Audio Visual
· Space e-Library, here available internet and intranet computer networks as a means of access to digital information either e-journal, e-books, and e-Final.
· Space I-Library, here available books rare collection of 18th century publications, grants from the Library of Islam in various languages, the yellow book, but it is also available from a variety of books in Arabic science classes donations from embassies of Saudi Arabia. The entire floor has free internet access facilities via WiFi with Band Width adequate.
· Places of worship (Mushalla) on each floor
· The urinal / toilet on each floor
· Lift and stairs connecting each floor.
· Almost all of the existing space is equipped with air conditioning.

· Guestbook electronics to record the visits of Pemustaka by means SIMPUS and any site visits are recorded in the DataBase.
· Using Modern Technology for Loan and return of the collection system.
· Equipped lending Pemustaka independently by allowing lending transactions done in seconds.
· Equipped with Book Drop Box that allows the user returns transactions conducted independently by Pemustaka in seconds.
· Equipped with the Digital Library assisstant to the needs of stock taking, and several other functions related to management of the Library.

Reading room
· Public Reading Room with table with 4 seats as many as 24 units per floor also provided learning sofa table 8 units per floor.
· Public Reading Room with 2 computers Automated browsing facility with 4 tables sofa chairs.
· Wi-Fi Access for visitors with laptops.
· The reading Lesbian located on each floor with a capacity of 12 people near the area of ​​the book.
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