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Address: Jalan Kaliurang, Km 14.4 Sleman Yogyakarta, 55 584 Phone: 0274 898444 ext. 2303 Facsimile: 0274 898444 ext. 2091 Website: E–mail:


Facilities and Infrastructure: · The reading room that blends with the collection chamber, thus simplifying pemustaka in finding the collection as a source of information and use it directly. · […]


Floor 2, Office and Courtroom:   South Wing; 1. Courtroom III 2. Audiovisual Space 3. Courtroom I   North Wing; 1. Courtroom II 2. Space Director 3. Lab. English 4. […]

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RULES OF CONDUCT  VEHICLE PARKING · Car park, tennis courts on the west, south, and west courtyard buildings Mohammad Hatta. · Motor, parking in the courtyard of D3 Economic . […]

Rules and Code of Conduct

Libraries Directorate organized at the university level. Since 2006 is structurally shoots management held by a Director under the direct coordination of the Vice Chancellor I. Director is assisted by […]

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Founded in 1950 with the name of the Central Library with a collection UII ± 3,000 copies, located in Syuhada Mosque Kotabaru. Not long after moving to the Civic Tower […]

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VISION, MISSION AND GOALS   VISION Realizing the Library as a center of information services for the academic community UII and learning that is based on the commitment of excellence […]

Vision And Mission

Ever since founded in 1945, Universitas Islam Indonesia was developing rapidly. In 1975, Textile Technology Department was initiated. It was one of the Departments in Engineering Faculty Universitas Islam Indonesia. […]


Our Vision To be a superior faculty in developing human resources that oriented to future with commitment on changes and improvement in industrial technology, professional in education performing, research and […]

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